ICORE: Image Co-addition with Optional Resolution Enhancement (Downloads Page)


  1. Click to download the ICORE package:

  2. icore-3.8.6.tar.gz

    This is ~618 MB in size and expands to ~998 MB after installation.

    This version was tested for Mac OSX >= 10.12.6 and Linux Centos >= 7.3.x.

  3. This will be deposited in a folder where your downloads normally go. Move it to an area with >~ 3 GB of disk space. This need not be where your image data resides. Input image lists to ICORE are flexible and may contain file paths to anywhere on your system. This minimum disk size accounts for additional files made when running one of the examples.
  4. Unzip your downloaded "*.tar.gz" file if not automatically done by your system (e.g., "gunzip *.tar.gz").
  5. Unpack the tar file, e.g., "tar -xvf *.tar". This will create the ICORE root directory, "icore-3.8.6/". Delete the relic tar file (icore-3.8.6.tar) after unpacking.
  6. cd into this root directory and read the "README" file on how to install the software and run one of the examples.


Here's the main software description and usage document: icore.pdf. This is included in the above distribution (under subdirectory "docs/").


Software License

Last update - 26 September 2019
Frank Masci - IPAC, Caltech